VoIP Phone system features


Main Feature

  • Blind transfer
  • Announced transfer
  • Conference call
  • Call Pick-up
  • Call Park
  • Have multiple incoming numbers
  • Have extension on you mobile phone
  • Use your laptop or mobile for calling or receiving office calls
  • Have multiple music on hold
  • Online control panel to fully manage your phone system
  • Call barring
  • Extension credit limit setup
  • Voicemail with each extension
  • Voicemail to email
  • Call can be diverted to multiple external phones either simultaneously or by list
  • Follow me
  • Credit limit setup for extensions
  • Have more than one incoming number
  • Do not disturb


Auto Attendant Feature

  • Multiple layers of auto-attendant even for extension(s)
  • Call queuing with announcement
  • Multiple advertisement on hold even by extension(s)
  •  Multiple queues
  • Queue announcement
  • Multiple Hunt group
  •  Auto attendent  or  call routing by timing
  • Call Screening
  • Call redirection
  • Online extension status
  • All extensions status displayed on reception extension